Magic: The Gathering | Fallout Commander Launch Party

Magic: The Gathering | Fallout Commander Launch Party

Taking place on release weekend, Commander Launch Party is all about celebrating Magic: The Gathering®—Fallout® with Commander play. Players can pick up a pre-constructed Magic: The Gathering®—Fallout® deck in-store and play in at least one casual game to receive a participation promo card.

∘₊✧────────────Event Info ────────────✧₊∘
🧃Event Frequency: One-Off
🧃Event Entry Cost: $8
🧃Event Classification: Specialty
🧃Game: Magic the Gathering
🧃Format: Commander
🧃Registration Time: 30mins prior to the event start time
➡️SATURDAY 9th March @ 12pm
―✧˖° ♛ °˖✧―
🥤Minimum Number of Players: 3
🥤Maximum Number of Players: 16
🥤Tournament Software: MTG Event Link
🥤Pairing Method: Player List Only
🥤Number of Rounds: 1
🥤Round Lengths: 1hr 30min
🔫 x1 Murders at Karlov Manor Promo Pack to each pod to draft out~
🔫 x1 Foil Fallout War Room Promo Card! 

 MTG Fallout War Room Foil Promo Card


To book your spot:
📞 Call us on +61 458 956 999
📧 Email us -
💬 Message us on Facebook~!
🏳‍🌈 LGBTQIA+ Friendly
👩🏽‍🦽 Wheelchair Accessible Entry & Bathrooms


Amenities: Wheel Chair Accessibility, Nearby Public Transport, Bathrooms, Air Conditioning, Cold Drinks, Citadel & Vallejo Paints, Dice, Snack Foods, Accessories, Sealed TCG Product & Accessories, Games Workshop Models, and Buying & Selling of MTG Singles

Disclaimer: Events are sometimes subject to minimum player requirements - Because of this we can never guarantee that any advertised event will run as there is always a chance that not enough players will come on the day.
Please contact Elemental Arcade directly to check participation expectations if you have any concerns with traveling out to the store for an event that may not run.
*Store Credit cannot be used to cover the cost of event entry.