Elemental Arcade Events

At Elemental Arcade we consider ourselves to be an Event Space first, retail space second. We are proud to work with so many great people and organizations to provide you with the very best table-top & TCG gaming experiences. 

Our regular event schedule can be found here

Facebook: Facebook Events Page
Email: gosford@elementalarcade.com.au
Ph: 0458956999

Magic: The Gathering Events

WPN Store

Elemental Arcade is WPN (Wizards Play Network) Store - We receive Promo's from Wizards of the Coast & from our preferred distributor which allow us to support Magic: The Gathering events with the best official prizing available. 
Thursday Nights: Modern | Friday Nights: Draft! | Saturdays: Commander all Day (EDH) | Sunday: Competitive Commander (cEDH)
(Pioneer | Standard | Pauper | Oathbreaker to come. If you are interested in any of these formats and are looking for a place to play please let us know!) 

Magic: The Gathering WPN Store Locator - Elemental Arcade

Yu-Gi-Oh! Events

OTS (Official Tournament Store) 

Elemental Arcade is an Official Tournament Store for Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. We receive an allocation of OTS Packs and include these in our Weekly locals (Standard & Edison Tournaments run every Saturday) 



Cardfight!! Vanguard Events

Bushiroad Tournament Store

Elemental Arcade supports Cardfight!! Vanguard Standard (D) & Premium (V) Tournaments every Sunday with the latest Vanguard Promos. Each new set we run Sneak Peaks & occasionally host Trial Deck only game nights. 





Games Workshop Events

Elemental Arcade is a proud provider of Games Workshop product lines. We run game days, monthly tournaments and host leagues with prizing provided by or covered directly by Games Workshop. 

Games Workshop