Monthly Modern League at Elemental Arcade

Each month we will be running a 4 week MTG Modern League. Each league will commence on the first Thursday of the month. Players will compete week to week, earning points based on their placement. Placement at the end of the fourth week will be determined by the total number of points acquired during the league. 

(Occasionally there will be a 5th Thursday of the month and on these days we will run either single day modern tournaments or look at running some special events such as Jank Only, No Ban list, Store Ban list etc. - Please refer to the store's monthly event schedule or contact the store directly for further details)

All components of the tournament structure outlined within this article may be subject to change but will never change during an active season. Planned or scheduled changes will always be outlined in the "Changes for next season" section of this article before the next season commencement date outlined below. 

Season Info
Current Season: July
Start Date: 6th July
End Date: 27th July

Next Season: August
Start Date: 3rd August
End Date: 24th August

Point System
1st Place: 5 Points
2nd Place: 4 Points
3rd Place: 3 Points
4th Place: 2 Points
Participation: 1 Point

Underdog Win: 6 Points
** Underdog Win explained below

Event Info
Event Entry: $25.00
Day: Thursdays
Registration from: 5:45pm
Event Start: 6:15pm
Venue: Elemental Arcade Gosford (190 Mann St, Gosford NSW 2250) 
Pairing Method: Swiss
Tournament Software: MTG Event Link
Weekly Prize Pool: 60% of Entry Fee
Monthly Prize Pool Contribution: 40% of Entry Fee
Round Length: 50 Minutes
Draws: If a round is not completed at the end of the 50 minutes allocated the game goes to turns starting on Turn 0 for the Active Player. 5 Additional turns are played. If there is no determined winner by the end of turn 5 the game results in a draw. 

Running Late
Please phone or message the store directly in advance if you are running late. Concessions can be made if you let us know that you are running late but in some cases late entry may result in a round loss. 

To get in touch with us quickly please use the following channels. 
Phone: 0458956999

Prizing Structure
Prizing Given out to 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th for both the weekly pool pay-out and end of month pay-out. All prizing is paid out in Store Credit.
1st receives 40%
2nd receives 30%
3rd receives 20%
4th receives 10%

** The Underdog
On the 3rd week the player or player(s) who has/have lost the most rounds* & participated in both Week 1 and 2 of the running season's league will become labelled as the "Underdog" - if the underdog wins week 3's tournament they will receive 6 points instead of 5 

* A round is defined as the complete set of 2 or 3 matches within a league. Rounds are best 2-out-of-3 and can result in either a Win, Loss or Draw

New to Modern
New to the format? Here are some references to get started with learning the format. Please feel free to send the store additional resources that you believe would be helpful here. Videos, articles etc. 

MTG Modern Basics:
MTG Wiki - Further Reading on Modern as a Format:,some%20others%20from%20Time%20Spiral). 
MTG GoldFish - Decklists & Meta Guide: 

There is an extremely helpful and diverse community Facebook group chat. If you are not in this and would like to be added please reach out to a member of the community or the store to request access. Alternatively you can join the Elemental Arcade Discord which has a Modern channel, Facebook Group "The Nexus" or the EA Community Group Chat

Standings for the current league can be seen here: 

Changes for Next Season (Patch Notes) 
** any changes for the next season will be outlined here