Can't find what you are looking for? Head to our Contact Us page or reach us through our Socials and we will head answer any questions you may have! 

1 - What events do you run? 
Many events! We try to support as many games as we can (Some more than others by popular demand) 

Best place to check out our events is on the Events page on the website here. You can also find specialty event info on the Elemental Arcade Facebook Page and we will have our events publicly displayed in-store! 

2 - A game I like doesn't seem to have any events. Will you be running events for this in the future? 
While Elemental Arcade would LOVE to run events for all games of all shapes and sizes - there are only so many hours in a day! Reach out to us by our Contact Us page, Socials or come chat to us in store about events/games you are interested in. We are always happy to look into any event to see if we can get it up and running! 

3 - Is every event advertised guaranteed to run? 
Unfortunately we can never guarantee that any advertised event will run. Know that we do everything we can to get all of our events firing but sometimes we will advertise an event and not enough players will show up due to conflicting schedules, lack of interest, illnesses and many other factors largely out of our control. 

4 - Can I spend my Store Credit on the Elemental Arcade website? 
Yes! One of the great benefits of playing at the Arcade is that you will often get credit back from your event participation and this credit can be used when shopping online! 

When we create your customer account in-store we will save your email address in our POS (Point of Sales) system against your name. We update your store credit manually from this system. 

When you register & activate a customer account on the Elemental Arcade website using the same email address documented in our POS, the POS and website talk to each-other and connect your store credit to the website! 

5 - I registered my account but can't see my store credit? - (I am confident that I have credit so why can I not see it?) 
When you register your account an email will be sent to the email address that you registered with (always remember to check your spam/junk or quarantine if you are using Office 365) - When you receive this email where will be a button you need to press to activate your account with the "Lets get started" text. Once Activated you should have no issues viewing and accessing your store credit. 

If you have activated your account and still cannot see your store credit or transaction history please contact us and we will investigate further for you. 

6 - How do I use my Store Credit on the website? 

When you have selected all of your items you can then go to your cart to apply any store credit. The system applies your credit as a discount to the transaction which is why you do this step in the cart and not in the checkout! 



If your store credit covered the entire total then your checkout at this point should look something like this.



7 - Can I see my Store Credit and/or Transaction History? 
Something we consider to be extremely important at the arcade is transparency. When you log in to your account you can see your order history, addresses and total amount of store credit available. 


You can click on the Store Credit tab to load your store credit history. Here you will find a full history of when your credit is spent, added or adjusted and often you will have notes against it to explain why it was changed. 

8 - Can I purchase cards online and collect in store? 
You may! Just select the Pick up option in the checkout. When your order is ready for collection you will receive an email! 


9 - Is there anything that I cannot use Store Credit on? 
Store Credit can not be used to pay for Event Entry, Table Hire or any other form of bookings. 

10 - Can I put an item on hold? 
You can! We're pretty flexible so just chat to use about what you want to put on hold and how much time you think you will need and we will consider each request on a case-by-case basis

11 - Does Elemental Arcade do Lay-by? 
Kind of! If you need a bit of time to pay for an item in instalments come talk to us and we will consider each request on a case-by-case basis.

12 - I have something that I would like to lend to the store. Can I? 
As long as it is friendly for all ages and the team approves of it for the store aesthetic then sure!