Elemental Arcade's Wilds of Eldraine Spoiler


Elemental Arcade Wilds of Eldraine Spoiler

The whole team at Elemental Arcade is thrilled to be participating in the Wilds of Eldraine Spoiler Season - At 3pm Sydney Time we will be revealing our card but until then we want to have some fun with you guys.

Start Guessing!

Either email us through the website or message our socials and start guessing properties of the card! It's colour, card types, mana cost etc. Each correct guess will end up on this page at some point during the lead up with your name next to your guess! Only one guess per person every two hours and only one guess at a time ~

 Wilds of Eldraine Pre-Orders

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Wilds of Eldraine Pre-Release Events

If you're on the Central Coast come say hi on the 1st, 2nd & 3rd of September for one of our many Pre-Releases. We've upped our Pre-Release allocation and have room for more players than ever! 

Other MTG Related Events @ Elemental Arcade

Thursday Nights: Competitive Modern League
Friday Nights: Draft, Draft, Draft! 
Saturday: All Day Commander & Standard in the Evenings
Sunday: Pauper!  

Hope to see you there!